Founded in 2012 in Great Britain, TellyTone are committed to producing guitar amplification of the highest quality.

From concept to production, all of our products are handmade to exacting specifications, each one totally unique.

TellyTone™ is a registered trademark of TellyTone Amplification which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brimar Thermionic Products.

All TellyTone products are WE3 complient. Producer registration number WEE/FE4009VQ

TellyTone Tv405 User Manual

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Things being as hectic as they are bringing you quality valves and equipment, we don't have much time for social media like twitter and facebook at the moment.

We will shortly be linking our websites to Instagram and Facebook so we can broadcast announcements but the best way to keep in touch is just to stop by our website or send us an email.

The Making of the TellyTone Tv405